Xose Miguélez / Jean-Michel Pilc Quartet

Xose Miguélez / Jean-Michel Pilc quartet brings together musicians who look insatiably and freely for their artistic expression. This band represents two different generations, united by the same way of understanding music. The group’s repertoire is part of the last two musical works of Jean-Michel Pilc and Xose Miguélez; Parallel (Challenge Records, 2018) and Ontology (Origin Records, 2019). It turns out that the two albums were recorded with different instrumentation. That’s why the role of Carlos Barretto and Marcos Cavaleiro, two of the most outstanding jazz musicians in Portugal, is essential in making compositions out of different minds and moments have a common aesthetic.

Xose Miguélez - tenor sax

Jean-Michel Pilc - piano

Carlos Barretto - double bass

Marcos Cavaleiro - drums