In 2017 while looking through a songbook of traditional Galician music I happened upon a ballad recorded by the great musicologist Dorothé Schubart from my great aunt Amparo in Cerdedelo-Laza, a beautiful village hidden in the Galician mountains.


All of the compositions in this album are made up from a four note motif that appears at the beginning of the ballad. This idea came from Matt Otto, my friend, mentor and producer of this record. Although the four note cell is maybe difficult to recognise in the music, it is the ADN and inspiration of this work.


‘Ontology’ was presented for the first time in the ‘Blue Room’, in Kansas City on the 9th of August 2018 and recorded a few days later. Just released by the american jazz label "Origin Records"


This work is dedicated to all Galician women, like Amparo, who preserved the legacy of Galician traditional music.


John Kizilarmut - drums

Ben Leifer - double bass

Storm Nilson - guitar

Xose Miguélez - tenor sax


Peter Schlamb - vibraphone

Matt Otto - tenor sax, ewi.